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SearchButlers are a full service Digital Marketing and SEO agency providing expertise in every web marketing solution that your Melbourne based business needs Right at the very top of our skillset is search engine optimisation. If you’re looking for a top local SEO agency in Melbourne to cut the nonsense, drop the sales spiel and actually deliver on the incredible value that successful SEO provides then look no further than SearchButlers.

Why is Local SEO so important for Melbourne Businesses?

Increasing Local Site Traffic
Visible for “Near Me“ Searches
Growth in Traffic & Calls Without PPC Cost
Increasing Local Brand Awareness
Website Architecture

Technical SEO is the foundation of any successful website experiencer and by extension any successful SEO campaign. Our technical SEO criteria include optimisation of your title tags, your meta descriptions and H1-H3 heading tags. We also ensure the website that is hosting your value is fast, secure and responsive which are 3 pre-requisites of local SEO success for Melbourne businesses in 2019 and beyond.
Content in King! Always has been and always will be. As a top Local SEO Company in Melbourne we ensure your website and wider web presence presents to the world the type of content that gets both visibility and enquiries. On your website that includes the right amount of educational content that is of a certain length, frequency, and format variety. Images, text, Infographics and video. Check out our content marketing services for more information.


Backlinks are votes of confidence in your website. If another website writes an article or posts content that is relevant to what you do and then within that content decides to embed a link to your website, search engines will see that connectivity and attach some level of trust to your website as a consequence. Essentially they believe that if that website wants to link to yours then you must be trustworthy and will be more likely to raise your ranking as a result. What we need to do is build as many high quality backlinks to your website as possible. SearchButlers offers a range of backlink strategies as part of our Local SEO campaigns in Melbourne.

Citations & Reputation

The very best Local SEO agencies in Melbourne will never neglect the part of reputation and citation management in any successful search engine optimisation campaign. Search Engines expect you to resect the part that local directories play in your audiences search for local businesses and so neither should you. More than this, for many businesses looking for Local SEO success, reputation is the great differentiator. SearchButlers offer everything you could need via our reputation and citation management programs to boost your local SEO successes.

Local SEO Campaign Framework for Melbourne Businesses

Analysis of the market and competitors
Creating semantic core
Onpage optimization
Fixing of technical error
Optimising UX/UI
Off Page Link Development

FAQ’s about SearchBUtlers Local SEO Strategies in Melbourne

How much will your services cost?
This may sound like a cute answer but we honestly can’t answer that question until we know what you need! That can be worked out if you’d like to jump on a call with us for a qualification meeting and then we can be much more clear. We prioritize transparency on every part of our undertaking; costs, performance and expectation. Long before we move into a campaign you will be fully abreast of any and all budgets and costs that will be required to take you from where you are to where you need to be.

How long will it take to see success?
This is another one of those; “it depends” answers. SEO is certainly not a quick fix solution. You have to earn the right to rank highly and there are too any variables to tell you outright. Before we decide to work together we will undertake a complete baseline/benchmark analysis of your web presence and current ranking and then we will be able to give you a clearer project timeline.

What Services do you provide?
As a full-service digital marketing company and SEO agency in Woking and Surrey, we provide everything you will need to lift your rankings to the highest spots on Google. We support your visibility with paid campaigns across social media channels like Facebook, Youtube, and LinkedIn. For a full strategy consultation call your woking SEO agency representative today.

Do you provide guarantees with your SEO services?
Anyone that guarantees ranking in a certain position by a certain time is making promises they cannot keep. There are too many variables. We will give you a structured and deliberate statement of work before the campaign begins. We will have based that on what we believe at the time of writing will be necessary to deliver the results you want and we promise we will stick to that. So no guarantees on performance but guarantees on delivering what it will take to perform!

How long are your contracts?
No minimum terms! We don’t want to tie you down. With paid media campaigns we go month to month rolling from the start. With SEO there is no contractual minimum terms that we live but the expectations of the campaign will be set by the agreed trial period before we start. At SearchButlers, we like to underpromise and over deliver.

Besides SEO, What Other Marketing Strategies Should Melbourne Businesses Include?
SEO campaigns in Melbourne are essential elements of a broader marketing strategy that helps businesses meet their goals. As a top SEO agency in Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs, we like to understand the consumer journey that your customers embark on when deciding on the business to satisfy that needs. Whilst SEO campaigns can cater to a large percentage of what is needed to be visible at relevant stages of that journey, it cant complete the whole process itself. Depending on the type of industry you are in, there will be a very high probability that Pay Per Click Marketing and social media marketing will be needed to maximize your opportunities for growth at the lowest cost per lead.   We do cater for all aspects of your consumer journey and personalise our campaigns to suit your needs.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising
Social Media Marketing
Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)
Should Melbourne Businesses Choose PPC or SEO?

They are both excellent resources of lead generation and visibility when your patients are searching for local dental services near them. They are also both far better together than either is as a standalone entity. As an analogy, would you recommend that brushing your teeth is better than flossing? Both are good and necessary to maintain oral hygiene and PPC and SEO being used together are necessary to maintain a high level of web presence hygiene!

Did You Know? – A Website that ranks on the first page and has a PPC placement for the same keyword increases overall CTR by 89%!

Why Choose SearchButlers as Your Local SEO Agency in Melbourne?
Success Formula
The team at SearchButlers are responsible for hundreds of successful SEO campaigns for small and medium sized businesses across three continents. When it comes to Local SEO, we know the recipe for success!

Personalized Campaigns
No two businesses are alike! It doesn’t matter how similar they may appear on paper, your business has been shaped by the decisions you have made which come from your character. We will never treat you as just another business in a certain field. Your customers chose you because of more than what you do but how YOU do it. SearchButlers campaigns are always shaped by that context!

Partnership Approach
Expect frequent communications if we work together. We want you to feel empowered and informed along the journey. More than just experience, the performance of our historical campaigns are nearly always stronger when our clients are engaged with the process.

Result driven
The last thing you will ever receive from SearchButlers is a campaign without agreed expectations and performance requirements .We ensure that reasonable expectations are agreed before any campaign starts and focus on exceeding them every month. We focus on your customers journey and mould your campaign and its performance around achieving goals at each stage. You will always be kept abreast of progress and will have absolute transparency in our results accessible 24/7!

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