Raven Tools Site Auditor Demo for Auto Dealership

Some site audit tools can be intimidating for new adopters with tons of features that have rabbit holes that suck you in and its hard to know where to start. Not all of the features are always necessary for what you need. This is a short video demo for the site auditor element in Raven Tools that I built for our Auto Division sales reps last week. These guys are amazing sales reps but are new to SEO, so I helped them out.
I’m a big fan of Raven tools and the team of 100 sales reps for the Gannett USA Today network’s Automotive industry enjoyed it too. Automotive websites are unlike static sites in structure and in usage and in error counts. With that said, these guys didn’t need to know all of the nuances of the tool for their clients, and this video highlights a scaled down version of it.

Raven Tools Site Auditor - Auto Dealership Demo

They’ve embraced the concept of SEO but as there 100 of them, I cant take them all through prospecting SEO opportunities. So I built this video to let them dip back in when they need it, and need it they will. The Raven Tools Site Auditor is a very useful tool that goes into far more detail than this video does it justice so Ill resolve that soon..

One thing to point out, I was jet-lagged when I recorded this. I messed up. I know I did. Get over it.

With the definition of the internal use of rel=”no follow”, I said its used if you dont want the page rank of inbound links being associated with you. Silly boy. I meant to say its for when you dont want to pass the juice out to other sites you link to.

The first in a whole series and I screw it up! That is how it’s done.

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