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Are you looking for one of the best facebook marketing agencies in London? SearchButlers are here to help. We understand how to see superior results from the world of implied intent marketing techniques and can pass that knowledge on to you.

We work with you to develop exclusive content that can build an emotional connection with your audience. We offer not just the full suite of options as a Facebook advertising agency in NewYork and Melbourne as well as London, but also the understanding of contextual nuance. Each project we run comes with a team of experts in social media marketing: strategist, content manager, editor and optimization specialists in social networks.

  • Strategy Development
  • Competitive and Marketplace Research
  • Social Media Brand Expansion
  • Ad Managemet
  • Community Management
  • Contest & Promotions
  • Content Creation
  • Conversion Optiomization

Why is Facebook Considered Implied Intent Marketing?

Cost effectively reach very targeted audiences, build brand awareness, generate engagement, and drive direct response through Facebook. Act soon, you never know how long this level of data insight will be available following Facebook’s political challenges of 2018.

Facebook Ads FAQ

What is Facebook Marketing?

Facebook Marketing is the usage of paid advertising strategies across the Facebook network including Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp. There are various types of marketing campaigns available to businesses but all utilize the data that Facebook has on its user profiles to allow businesses to identify, locate and position marketing messages in front of relevant users whilst they interact with the Facebook (or Instagram/Messenger etc) platforms.

Is that the same thing as a Facebook Business page?

No, that would be your organic Facebook page where in the past audiences that have engaged with you and liked your page were accessible for free. Unfortunately things have changed with Facebook over the last few years and now those audiences are only going to see the vast majority of your posts if you “boost” them via paid strategies that are included in the Facebook Marketing mix of solutions.

That said, Facebook pages are still a wonderful and necessary tool in the marketing suite for Facebook campaigns. You can still update use it to update and communicate with your most loyal fans or customers who still follow your facebook  page. In the future, with messenger being a priority for Facebook, our business pages will likely become a more prominent part of campaigns than they currently are.

For now though, Facebook business pages should be maintained but will only yield returns if used in conjunction with paid marketing strategies.

What is the cost of Facebook Marketing?

Of course the answer here like to most questions in marketing is; it depends!

There are many factors that will be influencing the cost of a campaign. In a nutshell, it comes down to the type of campaign that you want to run and it’s goals, and then the mixture of input factors that offer a size of audience that you can potentially reach. Those will include the geographical region, the age, sex and hobbies and interests of those people. As you build campaigns and filter out the audience outside of these parameters, Facebook will fine tune the potential reach for every week that the campaign runs. You will then have to decide how much money you want to invest in a campaign as a daily budget and from there the cost of the campaign structure will be divided by the daily budget to give you an estimation of the expected results of it.

So, put simply, it will cost you as much  or as little as you’re willing to invest and you will reach as many or as few people as that budget will allow. The great thing about Facebook however is that you can test the campaigns and tweak them in message and reach and audience makeup on an ongoing basis to determine its effectiveness. You can raise or reduce the spend as the learnings from the campaign unfold.

Benefits for your business

Increases brand awareness
Grow Your Company’s Brand By Participating in The Social Channel That Consumes the Most Free Time of The Highest Amount of Social Profiles
Non Search Conversions Potential
Access Audiences That Are Unlikely To Search For Your Products Yet Still Convert on First Awareness Which Eclipses Googles Value Proposition & Potentially At A Lower Comparative Cost
Incredible Targeting Options
The Broadest and Most Specific Demographic, Geographic and Psychographic Targeting Options for Robust Audience Segmentation & Targeting
Varied Campaign Strategies
With Facebook Marketing, you can Choose From Brand Awareness, Lead Generation, App Downloads, Website Clicks and Many Other Campaign Styles That Maximizes Outcomes from Implied Intent Audiences

Our Facebook Campaigns Work Process

Strategy and Goal Development
Identify Buyer Personas
Segment By Peripheral Relevance
Launch, Analyze and Optimize

What Our Facebook Campaigns Include

FB What We Do

Facebook Campaign Types

Facebook Marketing is certainly not a one size fits all approach to social advertising. Over the years Facebook has embraced the ideas of Implied Intent Audience targeting but blended it with a variety of different engagement tactics.

Your choice of Facebook ad type should entirely depend on your specific campaign objectives.

There are styles of conversions available or campaign goals to fit most needs and they can be used in conjunction with the different campaign advertising strategies that include:

Link Click Ads
Video Ads
Boosted Page Posts
Carousel Ads
Page Like Ads
Facebook Lead Ads
Local Awareness Ads
App Downloads
Facebook Campaign Types

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