Industry Market Research of Digital Landscape

At SearchButlers, we know the frustrations of companies that believe they are investing in solid and effective search engine optimization techniques that never seem to move the needle. It is a difficult, expensive and time-consuming process and many business owners lose faith in the concept of SEO or other digital marketing strategies if they don’t yield ROI or perceived success in a time effective manner.

The truth is that SEO is not about good or bad, right or wrong, it’s about being better than your competition.

Our years of experience in working with primary research and databases, allows us to customize our solution to your needs.  By starting with a thorough analysis of your web presence or “baseline”, we then need to undertake as deep an analysis of your competition both digitally and in the real world to understand what the indiustry benchmarks are!

Our expert staff will help you transition to a user-friendly system that helps you better access and leverage your customer data.


Whether we are helping get your data organized, providing ongoing industry stack rank analysis or developing predictive analytics for you, SearchButlers is by your side to help you grow your business and improve your ROI.

Our Market Research Process

Digital Baseline vs Benchmark Analysis

Our emphasis is always on GAP ANALYSIS. We undertake a complete and thorough audit and SWOT Analysis of your entire web presence including:

  • On Page Technical and Architectural Issues
  • Content Review (Length, Narrative, Frequency, Relationship to Searcher Intent), Optimization Strength, Format Utilization & Relevance)
  • Backlink Profile Analysis (Relevance, Toxicity, Diversity, Strength)
  • Social Media Optimization, Integration and Follower Interaction
  • Multi-Channel Online Reputation Management
  • Content Marketing Portfolio Analysis
  • Organic Visibility & KW Ranking

We then undertake the same process for your presumed, articulated and unknown competitors both in the physical local domain and digitally for 10+ organizations perceived to be a threat (or opportunity) for you to close the gap on the digitally highest performing names in your sector.

Our Work

We have recently conducted an entire industry review and analysis of the US Healthcare and Medical College industries for two of our clients who represent some of the largest healthcare systems and colleges in New York City. Our analysis will be published once the implementation of the data has been utilized by our clients but analyzed the 25 organizations including: