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Have you heard the buzz about Pinterest? As a marketing tool it can create fantastic engagement and brand growth for businesses in mainly product or home service industries. At SearchButlers, we are confident in our ability to help you capitalize on its value as Pinterest Marketing Agency in London, New York and Melbourne.

Pinterest is a Tool for CREATIVE COMMUNICATION

Pinterest is a platform where users can organize and share with an online community, images that they find interesting or inspiring. Uploaded images that are shared on Pinterest are known as pins, which the user can place  on customized, themed boards that are related to the topics they find interesting.

Pinterest is most commonly used for product based businesses or home improvement industries where creativity is a selling point.

Examples of its usage might be that brands can utilize this platform to create Pins and Boards that feature customers’ or influencers product utilization, and then showcase them for entire audiences. Or they can showcase their own creative imagination or artistic efforts to inspire future customers to not only fall in love with their designs but to use that brand in a future scenario where they wish to incorporate similar features in their own homes or wider lives. The win-win benefit is that customers can relate to products, and brands have a way to show appreciation to their loyal customer base by integrating them into their communities for the world to see.


Types of Pinterest Ads For Businesses

Promoted Pins

These ads appear in the search results and/or home feed just like a regular Pin. They’re boosted and targeted to deliver more reach. Pinners can Pin them to boards, share them, and comment on them just like normal pins.

Promoted Video Pins

Promoted Video Pins are just like Promoted Pins except the static image is replaced with video. Once again, can be shared, liked, commented on and appear like normal pins but have “promoted” written below the ads. Fast becoming the most effective format of pin even though Pinterest was traditionally suppose to be an image driven channel. Why? Because video offers more insight, more angles more life life experience of the product or content and therefore quality work is rewarded with better engagement from a more insightful source.

Promoted Carousels

Just like carousels on other platforms – this type uses multiple images that Pinners can swipe through. They can appear wherever Pins can, and they behave the same, except for the dots beneath that signify swipes are available.

Story Pins

Story Pins are a fairly new type of Pin format. Currently being tested with selected business accounts, Story Pins allow for up to 20 images that can include text, and links. Story Pins will appear with a cover image and a title in users’ home feeds and have “Story” written underneath.

Buyable Pins

Buyable Pins are designed to for pinners that are potentially in shopping mode. Also known as Shop the Look among the community. These Pins allow Pinners to buy products directly from your Pin. Fairly self explanatory. This should only be used for product businesses and for those where the costs are not significant. We recommend below £100

Promoted Pin Apps

Promoted App Pins let Pinners download your mobile app directly from Pinterest. These mobile-only ads are almost identical to app download ads available on most social channels like Facebook Ads and Twitter Ads.

Promoted App Pins look just like a Promoted Pin or Promoted Video Pin. The only difference being they link to iTunes or Google Play app store URLs.

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