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Have you considered adding Twitter to your marketing mix? At SearchButlers, we are well versed in helping clients navigate the rising influence of this channel as a top Twitter marketing agency in London.

We work with you to develop unique, engaging ads that can be displayed on the channel for specific search terms and hashtags to ensure your brand is visible at the centre of the conversation as relevant trending topics emerge.

Cost effectively reach very targeted audiences, build brand awareness, generate engagement, and drive direct response through Facebook.


What is Twitter Marketing?

Twitter Marketing is not the same as having and using a Twitter Account. Twitter Advertising is where you can place paid ads in front of audiences who use Twitter to participate in trending conversations that may be on relevant topics to your business. There are a variety of ways that you can do this.

Why Should You Use Twitter Ads?

There are 5 Compelling Reasons to Use Twitter Ads

You Pay for Performance

The great thing about Twitter is that you only pay when you’ve achieved your marketing objective. Whatever your goal is; website conversions or App downloads it’s the same for everything with Twitter. Costs only start if there is action on your ads.

In a nutshell, Twitter is shouldering a lot of the risk that other channels like LinkedIn won’t take.

Keyword Targeting

Keyword targeting is an effective and efficient feature that allows you to go after specific accounts who have demonstrated a version of direct searcher intent via Twitter.

Targeting accounts that have a specific word or hashtag in their Twitter updates (or  interacted with tweets containing those words) in the last seven days is akin to Google advertising but comes at a fraction of the cost. Considering Twitter is very much a “trending topic” platform, this is super relevant to time sensitive campaigns and can be used in conjunction with offers for an organizations products or services.

This feature isn’t available on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. On Facebook, you can’t target by keywords. The closest you can get on Facebook is topic targeting.

Tweet Engager Targeting

Tweet engager targeting is a further method of reaching your desired audience in a highly effective and targeted manner. You re-market to people who recently saw or engaged with your tweet which is perfect for those crucial latent conversion opportunities. Don’t forget to include Twitter in any CRO strategies. Rather than aiming to approach everybody on Twitter in a non-targeted way, you can specify your campaign strategy to ensure it targets those people who actually engaged with your promoted tweets, not simply those who saw it.

Tailored Audiences

One fantastic feature of Twitter Marketing is tailored audiences. Custom audiences on Facebook are highly effective but they require you to have the contact details of your desired audience. That is not so with Twitter. You can actually target every Twitter user who chooses to follow specific or individual accounts. You can do this manually or use tools like Bird Song Analytics to make this easier by downloading a list of every follower for any Twitter account.

This really is probably the best USP of Twitter advertising. Tailored audiences makes it as easy as can be to get in front of any relevant user account.

Super Low Cost Per Click

On Twitter the cost of engagement (clicks, follows, downloads etc) is significantly lower than both other social media and Google search. You can get clicks for pennies and that, combined with the other unique selling points of Twitter marketing makes it a very compelling space. Use it as a testing ground for new campaigns before rolling them out to more broadly used by more expensive alternatives and you may just find it a fantastic source of visibility that lowers your cost overall per acquisition significantly. That can’t be bad!

What Types of Twitter Campaigns Can I Run?

Twitter is fairly simple with what you can do. There are only two options at your disposal when you go to create a Twitter Ad.

Automatic Promotion of Your Tweets, or, Traditional Ad Campaigns.

Automatic Tweet Promotion

With this option, the first 10 quality approved tweets you post in a day (excluding retweets and replies) get automatically boosted and are promoted to relevant users’ tweet feeds.

Traditional Twitter Ads

There are plenty of campaign objectives to choose from which take a similar vibe to other social channels in their potential – things like site visits, increase follower count or app downloads.

For help with your advertising campaigns reach out to SearchButlers today; we consider ourselves on of a top Twitter marketing agency in London. We can support you throughout the process and help drive wonderful R.O.I.

How Much Does Twitter Marketing Cost?

Of course the answer here like to most questions in marketing is; it depends!

There are several factors that will be shape the cost of a Twitter campaign.  Essentially, it comes down to the type of campaign that you want to run and it’s goals, and then the mixture of input factors that offer a size of audience that you can potentially reach.

Twitter Campaign Types


Benefits for your business

Increases Brand Awareness
Grow Your Company’s Brand By Participating in The Social Channel That Continues to grow in relevance as a trending topic format for communication among all demographics but especially millennials.
Non Search Conversions Potential
Access Audiences That Are Unlikely To Search For Your Products Yet Still Convert on First Awareness Which Eclipses Googles Value Proposition & Potentially At A Lower Comparative Cost
Incredible Targeting Options
The Broadest and Most Specific Demographic, Geographic and Psychographic Targeting Options for Robust Audience Segmentation & Targeting
Varied Campaign Strategies
With Facebook Marketing, you can Choose From Brand Awareness, Lead Generation, App Downloads, Website Clicks and Many Other Campaign Styles That Maximizes Outcomes from Implied Intent Audiences

Our Twitter Campaigns Work Process

Strategy and Goal Development
Identify Buyer Personas
Segment By Peripheral Relevance
Launch, Analyze and Optimize

Interested in Utilizing Twitter Marketing for your Business?

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