The Shared Economy – The New Paradigm

This has to be shared. The shared economy will be the future of business and we for one look forward to it.

Anyone who has had enough of the failed system by which we are all born into of zero sum economics aligned with a growth at all costs mindset should watch this fascinating speech by Jeremy Rifkin.

Im not sure if I love or I hate it when someone says so perfectly exactly how I feel in a way that is so powerful and eloquent that I could never hope to come close to articulating my own beliefs as well as he can. The times are changing, get on board the third industrial revolution and we can grow together by working together not against each other.

It’s devastating that it has taken our civilization to the brink of the point of no return with regard our global home, our only home to realize what we have done and to try and save ourselves. It may still be far too late, time will tell but out of this comes a new generation, a new paradigm and a new revolution where we can prosper together in the Shared Economy.

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