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We provide industry specific, personalized content marketing services. Depending on your needs, we can offer anything from purely strategic advise that your internal teams can implement, to full campaign strategy ideation, creative, implementation and management.

  1. Keyword Analysis & Strategy
  2. Website Architecture Optimization
  3. Code Optimization
  4. Content Strategy & Optimization
  5. Infographic Creation
  6. Long Form Articles
  7. Video Marketing
  8. Podcast Support

This is the where the winners and losers are determined. Knowing who your ideal customer is, where they can be found, what they look like and what stuff occupies their day is a great start. If you want their attention, then ythey wont just give it to you, so we need to take it by creating a message that the notice. Once we have piqued their interest, we have to keep it for as long as it takes to convince them to give you whatever it is you want from them. That’s not an easy task when the average consumer journey takes in as many channels and touch points as they currently do. Below we discuss some concepts to consider.

The Value of Content Marketing

Audience Growth
Higher ROI than Paid Search
Paid search has an immediate R.O.I that can generate leads in an instant. Content Marketing has no expiration of value generating more and more over time.
Brand Recognition
One to Many Format Distribution
Video Marketing Can be Stripped & Repurposed into Multiple Platform/Format Distribution E.g: Audio/Podcast, Imagery, Text Transcripts.
Engagement Data Insights

Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates about 3 times as many leads. (Demand Metric)

72% of marketers worldwide said relevant content creation was the most effective SEO tactic (Marketing Profs)

Only 32% of B2B Businesses have a content marketing strategy! Content Marketing Institute

Dollar v Dollar: Content Marketing gets three times the leads per dollar spent than Paid Search. Oracle

Content marketing generates over three times as many leads as outbound marketing and costs 62% less. Demand Metric

Only 32% of B2B Businesses have a content marketing strategy! Content Marketing Institute

Targets of Content Marketing

Every marketing decision a business chooses to take is fundamentally aimed at adding positive growth in revenue either through generation or retention. Not all activities however can be solely aimed at the end of the funnel. Content marketing covers a multitude of options to select from in channel, frequency, format, purpose and narrative, however there are really only three pillars of content structure from an audiences perspective.

Content Marketing Should Always Impact It’s Audiences In At Least One Of These Ways

Create a strong content that will be shared on social networks. Promote the content in social networks on the target audience to get more coverage. Keep a blog to attract new potential customers from search engines.
Create a strong content that will be shared on social networks. Promote the content in social networks on the target audience to get more coverage. Keep a blog to attract new potential customers from search engines.
Create a strong content that will be shared on social networks. Promote the content in social networks on the target audience to get more coverage. Keep a blog to attract new potential customers from search engines.
Social Channel Posts
We provide complete strategic support to all major relevant social channels such as Facebook and Twitter and also for the B2B specific social channel – LinkedIn. Our teams are channel experts who understand the nuances of the communities within their channel.
YouTube Channel Growth & Tru-View Tactics
This is the new must-have in any media plan for any business of any subject. YouTube – one of the main suppliers of traffic in the internet that has become known as the “Research Engine”
Long Form On Page
It takes 32 weeks for 90% of an Articles Full value to be derived by Google. Building High Quality On Page Long Form Content is Key To any Content Marketing Strategy. You can also utilize interactive contact marketing strategies into long form content that helps with engagement stats boosting relevance signals in the eyes of Search Engines.
Guest Blogging
Effective blogging has become a rarity if conducted by time short entrepreneurs using traditional models. High value blogs posted on unvisited websites create value leaks. Guest blogging on relevant popular sites can be highly effective but requires  patient outreach or relationship utilization. Our media plans utilize expert, industry specific bloggers, who have proven successes and know the recipe to positively impact ROI.
Niche websites
In almost every category there are at least a few niche sites which holds a concentrated core of the target audience. These are highly relevant sites with very audiences influenced by the content they provide. Visibility in sites operated by all the people who should know about your product/service in the first place can be highly effective at additional channels of traffic.
Publications in mass media
This channel is usually for organizations with significant budgets set aside for specific brand awareness campaigns. It can be aimed to both targeted or non-specific audiences alike. We can access any media channels through our leading media buyer partners in the US, Australia and the UK.

Video Marketing

Social Media and Video are a match made in heaven. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, and YouTube are all fighting each other to win the war on Video.  Video offers your audience access to every sensory avenue to be impacted by your brands’ message. It lets you tell a story and show your value to consumers more rapidly.

  • Engagement: 48% of users take action after watching a paid video advertisement
  • Driving Intent: Video ads support and increase purchase intent by 97% and brand recollection by 139%
  • Nearly Two Thirds (64%) of viewers have a higher probability of product purchase after watching a video

Content Marketing Examples

Our Process

Consistent with the SearchButlers philosophy across all of our solutions, we start with you. Many marketers believe that personalization is all about understanding the audience personas that are likely fits for your business but as we move into the realm of psychographic segmentation which filters and can dilute the accessible audience this can be offset by the borderless world of the internet. We look to understand your personality and your goals first, then build the personas that fit that model in our creative strategy builds. From there the process is simple:

Content Strategy

Just like you wouldn’t build a house without a plan, employing content marketing tactics without a strategy will certainly cause cracks in the foundation (and likely walls to crumble). The Content Marketing Institute reports that only 32% of B2B Businesses have a documented content strategy. Developing a content strategy before creating one word of content ensures that your content reaches and resonates with your target audience. We help you define measurable goals and create a plan that includes SEO strategy, relevant channels, an editorial calendar and resources required for content marketing success.

Content Development

One thing that distinguishes SearchButlers Content is that all of the content we create is written by our team of in-house writers. We never outsource to content development companies with thousands of freelancers, and firmly believe content isn’t a commodity that can be ordered by the title, like off a menu. Great content also has a significant impact on your brand’s SEO and inbound lead generation.

Content Marketing Results

Studies show that only 40% of even the most effective marketers are successful at tracking ROI. We fall into this 40%. We create content with a purpose that always complements your business goals. Through interactive dashboards, content measurement tools and real-time reports, we ensure your content marketing plan, SEO strategy and defined content and inbound marketing tactics are performing as they should. How do we prove your content ROI?

  • Evaluate Traffic Analytics (blog success, site visits, page visits, keyword progress, engagement, etc.)
  • Review ROI (leads generated, customer conversions, sales)
  • Report on Findings (review results and evaluate success)

Why us?

Strategies Based on Buyer Persona Directives

Experts in Audience Intent Analysis

Access to All Relevant Media Platforms

Forward Thinking Creative Narratives

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