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Pay Per Click (PPC) or Adwords

What is PPC? PPC, or Pay Per Click as it is known, is exactly what the name implies: you only pay for when a visitor clicks through to your website; not every time someone sees your ad. The risks are low, but when done correctly, the payoff can be exceptionally high. You can generate a substantial amount of online traffic from users who search for the same keywords that you’re targeting, leading to more visits to your site and higher sales and conversions.


We provide high-quality services with the management of your PPC Campaigns. It includes:

  1. Account organization / structure

  2. Smart Budget Allocation

  3. Quality Score Optimization

  4. Campaign Keyword Research

  5. Negative Keyword Filtering

  6. Geo-Targeted Implementation

  7. Continuous Campaign Optimization

  8. Regular Campaign Review Calls

  9. Multi-Channel Strategy Augmentation

  10. Persona-Based Strategy Implementation

Questioning the performance of your paid search campaigns? If you’re not generating high-quality leads or boosting sales from pay-per-click (PPC), performance display or Google Shopping ads, it’s time to diagnose the issue. Profitable digital advertising requires specialized attention, strategic focus and a creative approach.

Paid search programs are more than creating ads and monitoring keywords. It’s about communicating your message and getting it in front of your customers when they’re searching for you.

Let SearchButlers make the difference. Our digital marketing agency provides sophisticated, expert PPC strategies in London, New York & Melbourne for local and national brands.

Whether it’s paid search, shopping ads or performance display, our expert PPC team has deep specialization and develops digital advertising campaigns that deliver ROI. SearchButlers is a digital marketing agency focused on measurable results using sophisticated strategies and methodology. We maintain premier partnerships with Google, Bing and other search partners to provide you with the best advantage possible.

You want to grow your bottom line. Your customers want to find you. SearchButlers paid search management creates meaningful online experiences for your audience while maximizing cost efficiencies.

Why Use PPC?

Direct Intent Audience

Pay Per Click offers visibility to people that have demonstrated an intention to purchase. They are looking for you! This offers the highest opportunity for conversions.

Targeted Techniques

With PPC’s location targeting and delivery options along with device-specific preferences, you can deliver messages to your target consumer at the perfect time and place

End Of Funnel Visibility

Did you know that 82% of Consumer Journeys Begin and End on a Search Engine? With PPC you can be visible at the precise moment when your customers are ready to buy!

Testimonials and clients

Good words. Good people


91% of Purchases Start With A Search Engine Query

15% of Daily Searches Have Never Been Searched For Before

Average CTR for Pos 1 PPC is 7.97%

PPC Visitors are 50% More lIkely to Purchase Than Through Organic