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Search engine optimization (SEO) is a the process of making changes to your website and wider web presence to positively impact your ability to be visible in the unpaid section of a search engine results page. There are many different styles of SEO depending on the type of website you have and the type of audience it is appropriate for. A Local SEO agency in New York is responsible for creating the style of search engine optimization that is appropriate for local businesses who want to appear either in the local map section or the organic section below it for local searches relevant to their offering.

A successful local SEO campaign is all about making your company visible for geographically-related searches. It will help your company increase its online visibility, outrank its local competitors, increase organic traffic to your website, and earn your business more qualified leads.

Our Local SEO services in New York are centered around ensuring your web presence is optimized for all of the relevant keywords that demonstrate local intent. We work with businesses offering consumer journey driven search engine optimization and social media marketing solutions across New York’s 5 boroughs.

The Framework of Local SEO strategies

Local SEO Strategies that really work are all about the consumer journey. Whilst the elements that will play a role in all local SEO campaigns, the weightings of their influence will vary depending on the searcher intent driving the keywords that are relevant and desirable to have visibility for. Dont forget to check out our industry specific marketing strategies page to find more specific information on your industry as the below information is more generalized to cater to the topic without the specificities of industry nuance.

To small business owners looking for the best local SEO agency in NYC they can find to help grow their business, it’s important that they understand enough about the concept to feel comfortable that they are not aware of what that SEO company is doing.

There are hundreds of elements that will influence your businesses visibility, and the rules change frequently; some say hundreds of times a year.

In a nut shell though, you can really boil the east down into categories and Local SEO services that work can be split into two categories and 4 pillars.


We start every campaign with full competitive analysis and deliver a baseline benchmark report that determines what we need to do to compete.


Then we look to resolve the issues that are causing you the issues that holdl you back. The gaps can be both on page and off page.


Through our continuous feedback loops we drive ongoing growth in authority and ranking by delivering better content and gaining more links.


Once the improvements are taking shape we can't rest on our laurels. The new baseline has been set and we must begin the cycle again.

Website Architecture

Can Google and other search engines understand your websites message? Can they pick up on your audiences intent and then align it to your websites offering? If they can’s then your local SEO campaign will struggle to ever find the value that search engine optimization provides. The architectural pillar of Local SEO is the implementation of techniques that makes sure Google can navigate your website and find the value it should.

Content Creation & Optimisation

The path to success is clear when it comes to content. Stop selling and start educating. To find success with your New York based Local SEO campaign, you are required to build the very highest quality, informative content that shows to Google and your audiences that you’re an expert in what you do. SearchButlers has all the skills in our content marketing team in London, NYC and Melbourne to help your local business find the value that Local SEO offers. You can read all about the framework for well written service page content too!

Backlink Audit & Building

A backlink is what connects two websites together. When a website gets a backlink from another website, it is telling Google that it trusts that website enough to allow it’s visitors direct access to it. It is a vote of confidence in the websites trustworthiness, relevance and quality of information. Backlinks are the key that takes your websites ranking from good to great! SearchButlers have fantastic link building capabilities for local SEO needs. You can find out all about our outreach programs that are available either as part of our SEO programs or as individual components that are available as one-off purchases or monthly campaigns.

Directory Management

Claiming citations from all relevant authoritative portals and local directories for your industry is still an integral part of Local SEO in and around New York. Attention to detail on information accuracy and consistency across the web. Depending on where you are in the world there will be many directories that exist that are relevant to your local audience for your industry. We have listings packages available to ensure your info is in place for businesses in the locations we operate from.

Our New York SEO Reviews

Kim Smith
Kim Smith
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We are a family lawyer based in Worplesdon, just down the road from Surrey. Sean and his team have done wonders for our natural ranking in just under 6 months. We were only ranking in our very local community before SearchButlers took over, now we are prominent across Guildford and beyond. Couldn't be happier!
Paul Cooper
Paul Cooper
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Love these guys. They have changed my entire trajectory within a year. I was struggling for business but now have too much to handle. Best SEO team ever!
Richard Lavell
Richard Lavell
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Can't recommend these guys highly enough. The whole experience has been just superb. They understand so much about your business that you never feel worried like they will do something that is out of sync with your customers. 5 Stars

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Our Campaigns are always crafted to fit the needs of you and your business. Considerations include your industry, location and competition, along with your desire for growth, budget, risk tolerance and desire to participate.


We take performance and tracking very seriously. You will never be left wondering "what are they doing?" or "is it working?". The only thing better than our abilities is our communication. Measurable and accountable campaigns.


Having crafted SEO campaigns for over 2000 businesses on 3 continents, we understand SEO and we understand SME's. We leverage that experience to drive your campaign to success. We have a 94% retention rate for a reason.


That’s a hard question to answer in a few sentences, but in a nutshell every time someone searches online, search engines have a responsibility to scan through the trillions of websites that exist and to present them back to you in order of who they believe to be the most relevant and trustworthy result. There are about 300 factors that the algorithm considers about each website when it is deciding its results and each of them will have a different level of importance.  It is the job of an SEO team to understand what those factors are and to ensure that your website presents to Google the best version it can be so that you appear as close to the top as possible.  

If your customers use search engines to find businesses like you then there are only two options to be visible when they are. There is Pay Per Click which costs money every single time someone hits your ad and there is SEO where the clicks are free. SEO takes up 70% of the search engine results page and has 2 departments that will be relevant to your customers. SEO is a necessity for your business because your customers are 9 x more likely to hit an SEO result than a PPC result.  

In an ideal world you should choose PPC and SEO because the synergies that occur from running both campaigns concurrently far outweigh the benefits of either choice as a single strategy. If budgets don’t allow for that level of activity then the answer will depend on your circumstances. The best reason for PPC is it will offer opportunities immediately unlike SEO which takes time. The best reason for SEO is that it doesn’t cost as much and when it works it will deliver far more than PPC ever could on a value scale.

This is one of those “it depends” moments. Every SEO campaign has its own course to sail and the time to see results will vary based on hundreds of variables. The competition, the baseline value of your site, the keywords, even seasonality can play a role n delaying or expediting success. In our experience though, its apparent that results from SEO won’t be seen overnight, however you should see an uplift in rankings, traffic or revenue from your SEO strategy within three months-5 months.  The quicker suggestions from the strategy can be implemented, the quicker results will be seen.

Sorry, but as confident as we are in our abilities, we would be lying if we said we could guarantee the performance. We can only control the input factors into a campaign and the output is out of hands. If you are looking for an agency that will provide those reassurances, then you will only find agencies that will push the boundaries too far in order to ensure that they meet the performance criteria as soon as possible. I would steer very clear of those types of players.  

Typically we report on progress and performance in a documented fashion once a month. We also offer the chance to have a zoom review meeting monthly. Beyond that though we like the personal touch so there is never a concern with any ad hoc reach outs to our team whenever you need anything or have questions to ask. 

You certainly shouldn’t just blindly trust me on what I’m saying, you should seek reassurance from my testimonials and case studies that demonstrate our track record. Hopefully you can take some further peace of mind in knowing that we have a 99.1% retention ratio which is insanely high and we have a perfect 5.0 in our Google Reviews. We also dont ask you for contracts. So you can walk away at any time.