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All Your Search Engine Marketing Needs (aka Pay Per Click (PPC) or Adwords)

Are you a business that serves customers locally?> Do your customers know there is a solution to a problem that they have but don’t know who to choose to satisfy their need? As a top pay per click agency in NYC we have the marketing strategy for you. It’s perfect for immediate lead generation and is the most appropriate type of advertising to be visible in the places where people search for you, when they search for local businesses just like yours!

What is Pay Per Click Advertising? It is exactly what it sounds like. We get your brand at the very top of search engines like Google on the results page when people have searched for providers of services of what you offer. Then when people click on your advertisement you pay for that traffic to your site. Simple!


We provide high-quality services with the management of your PPC Campaigns. It includes:

  1. Account organization / structure

  2. Smart Budget Allocation

  3. Quality Score Optimization

  4. Campaign Keyword Research

  5. Negative Keyword Filtering

  6. Geo-Targeted Implementation

  7. Continuous Campaign Optimization

  8. Regular Campaign Review Calls

  9. Multi-Channel Strategy Augmentation

  10. Persona-Based Strategy Implementation

The fact that you are seeing this content means you either have never tried search engine marketing before but have heard about its value to drive the most convertible traffic to your site or you have begun to question the value and performance of your current pay per click agency in Melbourne.

SearchButlers will be able to help you understand in 45 minutes or less what is wrong with your current program and offer you a strategy that will deliver what any good search engine marketing agency in New York should be able to do with their eyes closed. We will examine your current strategy or if you are new to the concept, we will build you a customized keyword list of all of the relevant search terms that your customers re using to find businesses like yours and then optimize the campaign o deliver only a set of keywords that will empower your brands visibility in the right place at the right time with the right message (or calls to action) that will ensure when your future customers click on your ads they dont leave your site without engaging with your business and giving your the opportunity to convert them onto customers either immediately or in the very near future.

Why Use a Pay Per Click Agency in New York City (NYC)?

Direct Intent Audience

Pay Per Click offers visibility to people that have demonstrated an intention to purchase. They are looking for you! This offers the highest opportunity for conversions.

Targeted Techniques

With PPC’s location targeting and delivery options along with device-specific preferences, you can deliver messages to your target consumer at the perfect time and place

End Of Funnel Visibility

Did you know that 82% of Consumer Journeys Begin and End on a Search Engine? With PPC you can be visible at the precise moment when your customers are ready to buy!

Testimonials and clients

Good words. Good people


91% of Purchases Start With A Search Engine Query

15% of Daily Searches Have Never Been Searched For Before

Average CTR for Pos 1 PPC is 7.97%

PPC Visitors are 50% More lIkely to Purchase Than Through Organic

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If you are looking for the best pay-per click agency in New York to help you with your search engine marketing campaign then don’t be shy; theres not a minute to lose! Every day that goes past is another day with money leaking through a poorly optimized campaign. SearchButlers can right the ship and get you back on your path to growth immediately. Fill in the form below, ring our local New York office or you can click here to speak to one of our top specialists right now!

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