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 Welcome to SearchButlers; a Digital Marketing & SEO Agency based in London with offices in New York and Melbourne, Australia.

Our passion for digital stems from our history as specialists in Search Engine Optimisation. Having delivered the value of SEO to thousands of stakeholders across three continents, we embrace the three success metrics of SEO as the same mantras that drive our efforts.  We strive to provide our clients with relevant and innovative solutions that perform with the highest quality and are delivered with a best in class client experience.



Our Approach

At SearchButlers we take a personalisation first approach to our client relationships and their marketing campaigns. We strive to generate the strongest overall R.O.I by focusing not just on short term lead generation but a full funnel, omni channel approach centered around your customers buying journey.

By understanding their behavior, on a psychographic level we can predict the relevant stops of their journey to a decision and ensure your brand’s message is presented to them at relevant stages. Personalized narratives shaped for channel nuance maximizes the likelihood of a conversion whenever they decide to engage.

We strive to bring you only the highest level of service, knowledge and invaluable industry experience. Your success is dependent upon creating strategies that demonstrate a true understanding of your customer’s needs and we take the same approach to our client relationships. You can read more about our philosophy and why we take a different approach to other digital marketing and SEO agencies

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We offer professional SEO services that are customized to your needs! From outreach, to content, site speed to on page optimization. We can provide SEO services from individual components all the way to full service SEO. 

Website Optimization


SEO is the single most important component of a fully formed, patient journey driven digital marketing strategy.

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Local SEO

Maximize your presence on search engine results pages on a local scale. Citations, NAP, Reputation and Relevance

Link Building


Still the biggest single differentiating ranking factor that takes you to the top spots of Google. Skyrocket your rankings!

On Page SEO


The foundation of any successful SEO campaign, your websites structure, speed, and level of optimisation will make or break your opportunity. Find out more

SEO Copywriting

Content Writing Services

Content is King! Whether on page or elsewhere. How engaging your message will determine the attention your receive. Get Engaging, Conversion-Driven Content!

Keyword Analysis

Strategic AUDIT

Are you frustrated with your lackluster performance despite months or years of effort? Get an in depth strategic report to identify how to finally close the gap!


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