About Us

Welcome to SearchButlers; a forward-thinking digital agency that specializes in strategies that are centered around a deep understanding of the consumer journey.

At SearchButlers, we believe that the path to value is through personalization and our approach will engage that concept wherever possible. Whilst Search Engine Optimization is the foundation, our strategies naturally draw us towards the creative side of content marketing and the data-driven science that is conversion rate optimization. 

SearchButlers founder Sean Butler was previously the Global Sales Trainer and Head of SEO & Strategic Products at Googles only Global Strategic Partner – Local IQ. A strong advocate of the Shared Economy Mindset, the team at SearchButlers prioritize mutual growth at the heart of the company’s ethos and we look to infuse that mantra into all of our endeavors. 

Our passion is to find business partners and clients who share our passion for collaborative innovation. We tackle the challenges of change environments for businesses big or small and want to assist like-minded organizations in navigating the complexities and rapid movements of the digital era.

Why Partner With Us?

We Provide the Full Suite of Solutions

With us, you can deal with a single point of contact that will handle everything from your strategy to implementation and the ongoing progress of your campaign and in any and all areas of the digital marketing suite.


No Long Term Contracts


Most agencies love 12 month contracts. Their clients don’t, and neither do we!

We work on a month-to-month basis. Quite simply, the quality and diligence of our work, combined with the overall success of our campaigns, means that companies value our business and choose to stay with us without being roped into a 12-month contract that you can’t get out of.


Transparent in Reporting


Digital marketing can be complex with plenty of jargon and specialist terms involved. We take the time to talk every client through every suggestion we make and action we take to ensure that you understand what’s happening. You’ll have the opportunity to meet with your dedicated Digital Strategist on a monthly basis. As part of this monthly meeting, they’ll take you through the progress of your campaign, explain updates in the digital industry, as well as collaborate on strategies to constantly improve on the results we deliver.

Data Driven Campaign Management


Without data, everything is opinion. We see data as the cornerstone of creating trust with our clients. Guarantees are too often found in marketing and they shouldn’t be because of the variables outside of any agencies control that can impact performance. We don’t promise results, we deliver them and then present the facts. The way we report is clear, very easy to understand and shows weekly, monthly and other customizable progression reports.

Passionate About Your Success


Our passion for digital marketing and talent for finding innovative solutions that deliver success is why our clients stay and introduce us to their networks. We’ll always go the extra mile when it comes to meeting your needs. We genuinely love what we do and this shows in the quality and attention to detail you will experience when partnering with us.

SearchButlers CEO & Founder - Sean Butler

Success is always a more accessible objective if you enjoy your work. I was blessed by the fortune of discovering the marketing industry 7 years ago. After three years working for Google’s largest global partner as a digital marketing specialist in Melbourne, Australia following 7 years as an equities trader in London, I was transferred to New York where I lived for the last 4 years.

In my role, I developed complex strategies, trained sales reps and managed the Search Engine Optimization program for the USA & Canada. I also work with our high-end clients in industries with the most diverse and challenging consumer journeys to navigate.

I have been fortunate enough to be asked to be a keynote speaker at various events such as the Local Search Association in NYC October 2018, to educate 500 consultants at Gannett who operate the The USA Today Network and have constructed industry-specific SEO programs for various industries such as Automotive and Healthcare.

Sean Butler CEO SearchButlers

Keynote Speaking Events

I have been lucky enough to be asked by both the local business community and review site Yelp and also the Local Search Association of America to be a keynote speaker to their local business audiences. I have presented on the topics of the “Consumer Journey” and Search Engine Optimization for businesses in 2018. Fantastic experiences and the most engaged audiences I’ve ever spoken to.
Local Search Association Presnters

Global Sales Trainer

I have had the pleasure of training over 800 sales consultants in 32 cities on 3 continents. A 3-year journey that was incredible and I consider myself so very fortunate for the opportunity to meet so many talented personalities no 2 of which had the same sales style.
USA Today Sales Trainer

Our Goals

Our goals are directly related to your results