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The Team and Story

At SearchButlers we take a personalisation first approach to our client relationships and their marketing campaigns. We strive to generate the strongest overall R.O.I by focusing not just on short term lead generation but a full-funnel, omni channel approach centered around your customers buying journey.

By understanding their behavior, on a psychographic level we can predict the relevant stops of their journey to a decision and ensure your brand’s message is presented to them at relevant stages. Personalized narratives shaped for channel nuance maximizes the likelihood of a conversion whenever they decide to engage.

We strive to bring you only the highest level of service, knowledge and invaluable industry experience. Your success is dependent upon creating strategies that demonstrate a true understanding of your customer’s needs and we take the same approach to our client relationships. 

We Focus on The Gap

Our campaigns follow a continuous process of Compare, Repair, Improve, Review. To be number one you have to beat number 1 and that requires gap analysis at the strategic core.

We Love To Create

Our best work has always come from the team crafting unique concepts to foster backlinks and create value that cant be replicated by your competiton.

We Take It Step-By-Step

Our campaigns are always customized to your needs.  Wed don’t rush the process. It’s a marathon not a sprint.

We Keep It Simple

At least when we are explaining to you every month on what we have done, why, and how it is working.

Your Dream. Our Mission.

To Deliver Perfromance That Will Last A Lifetime



How We Started

After spending 6 years as Head of SEO for the Gannett USA Today network and previously Google’s largest global partner – ReachLocal in Australia and USA,  I returned to my roots and founded SearchButlers in late 2018. During my time abroad, I had created successful SEO strategies for over 2000 local and national businesses and trained over 4000 marketing experts on SEO strategy, sales and service at various mega-cap agencies such as NewsCorp Australia. 

Along the way I was fortunate enough to be asked to deliver keynote speaking roles at conferences held by organisations such as the Local Search Association and Yelp. As personalisation became a requirement for all campaigns, it started to become clear that large agencies would struggle to offer that whilst fulfilling their requirement of selling at scale. SearchButlers was the necessary outcome where we can shape unique ideas and pivot strategies at speed to navigate the path to winning at organic SEO. Every single experience on that amazing journey gave me a little more insight and confidence that I can identify the correct path to organic success for my clients wherever they are. 

Sean Butler

Founder & CEO

The Senior Team

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Rebecca Smith

Head of Content

Andrew Marigliani

Head of Off Page

Sarah Lewis

Project Lead


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