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If you’re reading this then you are either one of two types of people. You are either one of our competitors who are trying to understand how exactly we have managed to rank so highly for the keyword “SEO Company London”; our industry’s most desirable keyword to rank for, or, you are a business owner who knows enough about SEO to understand that if we can rank for this keyword among every other “SEO expert” then we can absolutely rank you for your industries dream spots!

SearchButlers are a new SEO Agency that was founded in 2019 by the ex global Head of SEO for Google’s largest Global Strategic Partner. During his tenure there, he was the architect of over 2000 SEO campaigns across 4 continents and over that 5 year period, has seen enough data on SEO campaigns to know the intricacies needed to deliver genuine and tangible growth for local businesses across the full spectrum of industries that small businesses participate in.

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At SearchButlers we offer the full gamut of SEO campaign options. If you need a full service campaign from start to finish then we have industry specific dedicated SEO campaigns available that you can view and order below, and we also offer standalone modules of SEO if you just need some help optimising certain areas of your web presence and your overall campaign. Regardless of your knowledge or need of SEO we have the service that you need.

How To Choose an SEO Agency?

London SEO Services By Industry

If you have found us through a recommendation or because you know that when looking for an SEO agency in London who can actually deliver the results that you want by understanding the context and nuance of the buyer journey within your industry then perhaps this option is for you!

At SearchButlers, we specialize in SEO campaigns for local businesses in local industries and whilst we offer services to all businesses that would fit, below are the industries that we have the most experience within creating SEO success stories to clients all over the world.

If you really know your SEO and have a decent understanding of whats missing from your web presence profile that can take you from where you are to where you need to be, the maybe a full campaign is not for you. Perhaps you want to tweak your current approach by getting a high level access to SearchButlers capabilities in individual departments of SEO without wanting us to tackle the easier areas of SEO in London that you already have covered? If so then it’s highly likely that this section below is the best fit for your needs. We offer access to our award winning SEO strategies on a modularized basis so you only pay for what you want and need and not for what you don’t.

At SearchButlers, we specialize in SEO campaigns for local businesses in local industries and whilst we offer services to all businesses that would fit, below are the industries that we have the most experience within creating SEO success stories to clients all over the world.


Select SEO Services By Component

We offer professional SEO services that are customized to your needs! From outreach, to content, site speed to on page optimization. We can provide SEO services from individual components all the way to full service SEO. 

Website Optimization


SEO is the single most important component of a fully formed, patient journey driven digital marketing strategy.

Places Optimizations

Local SEO

Maximize your presence on search engine results pages on a local scale. Citations, NAP, Reputation and Relevance

Link Building


Still the biggest single differentiating ranking factor that takes you to the top spots of Google. Skyrocket your rankings!

On Page SEO


The foundation of any successful SEO campaign, your websites structure, speed, and level of optimisation will make or break your opportunity. Find out more

SEO Copywriting

Content Writing Services

Content is King! Whether on page or elsewhere. How engaging your message will determine the attention your receive. Get Engaging, Conversion-Driven Content!

Keyword Analysis

Strategic AUDIT

Are you frustrated with your lackluster performance despite months or years of effort? Get an in depth strategic report to identify how to finally close the gap!

London SEO Services By SearchButlers


Our Campaigns are always crafted to fit the needs of you and your business. Considerations include your industry, location and competition, along with your desire for growth, budget, risk tolerance and desire to participate.


We take performance and tracking very seriously. You will never be left wondering "what are they doing?" or "is it working?". The only thing better than our abilities is our communication. Measurable and accountable campaigns.


Having crafted SEO campaigns for over 2000 businesses on 3 continents, we understand SEO and we understand SME's. We leverage that experience to drive your campaign to success. We have a 94% retention rate for a reason.

The SEO Content You Don't Want to Read But Should!

So now. that we have got through the calls to action and the various internal links you may need to find the SEO services in London that fit your needs, unfortunately I now need to write about SEO for another 2000 words or longer so that I can actually rank for keyword like SEO London or variations of it.

Why should the best SO agency in London have to write about SEO and yet also acknowledg that you probably dont want to read about it? Well, that SEO in 2020.

Unfortunately, there are not too many methods left in 2020 that can allow an SEO agency in London differentiate themselves from their competition other than content quality, length and format and then a superior backlink profile. Backlink building is no longer enough in itself to be able to rank for the most desirable keywords like SEO Company in London or even London SEO agency. Google os looking for the perfect blend of great content that at the very least can create interest in the reader and keep them on the page for a while.

Why You Need the Best SEO Agency in London?

SEO has and always will be a continually changing dynamic industry, that seems to accelerate exponentially with the frequency of change that is incurred.

It’s a close call to know where most SEO companies go wrong. For sure the majority of SEO is attempted by business owners who don’t know what they’re doing, but there is no shortage of in house SEO attempts by large marketing agencies that fail either. Because SearchButlers’ core business is SEO in London and Melbourne, Australia, our top priority is not only to keep our local staff in the “expert” or “SEO Ninja” status, but to make sure that out clients are too.

At SearchButlers, we dont just wait for the algorithm to change and then to be made aware of that change by the “SEO industry” we actively get in front of the trend by continuously predicting  the shifts in SEO and adapting out strategy accordingly.



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