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Our team is ready to review your website’s SEO positioning and wider web presence! You can opt to select your report either via a Skype video chat or you can receive a short 5-10 minute personalized video from our experts that will break down the SWOT analysis into priority fixes, strongest opportunities and immediate quick wins.

In the video below, we have sent through an on demand video to an affiliate of ours who was wondering about the compatibility of local SEO for one of his clients in the dentist industry. 

Whilst this is more of a short video that gives him the highlights of what’s wrong and why SEO is a good fit for his client, the same principal applies here.

Whether you need an overview of SEO capabilities of you need an SEO audit on what is wrong with your site and 3 or 4 quick wins that you can implement immediately that will help your SEO both are achievable by filling in the form below. We are happy to offer whatever you need regarding your website in a shirt video format. 

So, in order to find out what is the reason for your issues with SEO just fill in the details of what you need and we will record your own personal SEO video and send it over.

What We Cover in The SEO Audit?

Our audits be focusing on an overview of your organic web presence that stems from what we call the baseline : benchmark analysis. In a nutshell, it really doesn’t matter how good or bad your SEO is as an individual. 

There are plenty of websites with great SEO that don’t rank well and similarly there are plenty of websites with poor, basic or no real SEO that can rank well. After all, someone has to rank first for every keyword in existence. The key to determining what is wrong with your SEO program is born out of understanding what the benchmarks in your space are doing and running comparison analysis. 

For that reason, our Free Audits will be focusing on the top 3 gaps that exist in your web presence as a relative comparison to what the websites that rank at the top of the search results page have done to achieve their success. 

It can be on page or off page and could include any of the up to 300 factors that affect your ability to rank organically.

In the message box below, include your ideal keywords and if possible the URLs of the competition that you are struggling to overcome organically. This will allow us to personalise your video to a higher degree of relevance so that you can make direct impactful quick changes to your web presence and close the gap.

If you see value in the snapshots that we provide and would like a full strategic audit of your entire web presence including omni channel marketing analysis alongside your deeper SEO audit then you can read more about and apply for that detailed program by clicking here.


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