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How to Maximize Your Off Page SEO Efforts with Internal Linking Tutorial Part 2

Maximizing Off Page SEO Efforts With Internal Linking Tutorial Part 2 This is the second part of the two part tutorial on how to maximize the effectiveness of solid, diversified and effective off page SEO backlink building by ensuring your on page SEO is set up with effective internal linking. If you want the correct page of your website […]

Structuring your Internal Linking to Maximize Your Backlink Building Efforts

How to use Internal Linking to Maximize Your Backlink Building Efforts Maximizing Your Backlink Building Efforts with Internal Linking Tutorial In this 2 part tutorial we examine the best ways that you can maximize the efforts that you put into your off-page backlink building through better use of internal linking.  One of the most understated reasons for […]

Content Marketing in Healthcare: Nurturing Your Network

Healthcare Content Marketing Example A major health system client in New York came to us with their organizations objectives for the year. One of their top two priorities was to focus on growing their breast cancer treatments and wanted to take the number one spot organically for relevant keywords such as “Breast Cancer Treatment NYC”. […]

Is LinkedIn Useful For Marketers? Emerging Trends & Data You Can’t Ignore

Where would you place Linkedin in the relevance hierarchy of social media channels for your business? Is Linkedin useful for marketers or is it just the nerdy younger brother of the cooler social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube that can actually generate a return? Regardless of your personal thoughts on the social channel, […]

Is Voice Search Growth Tech Push or User Pull?

Everywhere you turn online over the past 12-18 months experts, gurus and corporations alike are telling us that Voice search is the next big thing. It’s a done deal, and businesses who are slow to adapt or ignore this disruptive tech shift will be left behind just like with Video. I’m curious as to whether […]

Relevance in SEO: How SEO is a Framework To A Utopian Society

In this article, we look at the concept of relevance in SEO. We consider how the driving force of the concept takes its learnings from the influences of wider society and yet to the detriment of the real world, disappointingly that relationship lacks reciprocity. How Successful SEO is Driven by Relevance? The organic section of […]