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Are you struggling to find a reliable SEO Company in Guildford? Relax, the award winning SEO experts at SearchButlers have recently opened up a UK branch just around the corner and are here to deliver success. Having built nearly 2000 successful SEO campaigns to businesses across 3 continents, we now come to help you too. As a local SEO Agency specialising in localised SEO Services in Guildford, and across Surrey, we can visit with you in person or over the phone to understand your needs and challenges before crafting a personalised effective strategy that will result in you falling in love with SEO.

To be successful as a local business in Guildford, your search marketing needs to be a complete and full solution that caters to every whim of your audience. Wherever they may be, every keyword they may use and every area of of the SERP they may click. Guildford customers are more selective in their choice of service providers and you need to have your bases covered.

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Why Do You Need SEO?

No longer can you just rely on paid marketing such as Google Adwords to deliver traffic that converts. The costs to stay competitive keep rising every year which leads to diminishing returns. With SEO you don’t pay anything for a click which means the more the merrier right?

Right! The best thing about SEO is that the pool of clicks available is far higher because your audience is up to 10 x more likely to click on your company’s link if in position one organically versus the paid spots above it! Why? well, it all comes down to trust. Your audience will be more likely to engage your business if they trust your expertise and quite simply, strong ranking demonstrates that expertise because it is  dependent on the respect of Google. That show of faith does transfer to the searcher through the search engine and results in those higher click percentages.

SEO offers more real estate than any other. With the right strategy in place you can find yourself visible in the map section and the organic section of the results page as well as any potential additional featured snippets. The right strategy could see your brand in 4 different places on the same page of Google! It would be difficult to miss out on the click in that scenario! 

SEO offers so much potential and stability if you can grab that real estate. It’s not easy to claim though. There are hundreds of variables that determine your ranking and the rules hundreds of times a year. It takes a lot of work to win. This is why it’s so important to choose the right Guildford SEO company who can help you realize the value that you deserve.  Our SEO Experts in Guildford are part of the SearchButlers network that manage hundreds of local SEO campaigns across the globe – we are well recommended, well reviewed and have plenty of case studies to share if you want to see examples of our great SEO work. You would have undoubtedly heard from countless SEO Agencies in Guildford, claiming to offer what we do – and it’s a compliment to our service, however, as a respected Guildford SEO Agency we only use tried and tested SEO methods, following Google’s best practices to get your site found. In short if you are a business in Guildford, you need to use our SEO Service. 

of all searches on Google are for a local business or local service
1 %
Of people who search online visit a shop on the same day
1 %
of all daily searches on mobile are location related
1 %
1st organic listing on mobile receives 27.7% of clicks, versus 4.8% for PPC
1 %

What Do Our SEO Campaigns Look Like?

Whilst every campaign that we have delivered over the years takes its own path and is dependent on a well rounded, personalized strategy, each has a distinctly familiar structure to it. At SearchButlers the SEO campaigns we run for businesses in Guildford always begin with a deep technical and competitive audit to establish where you stand versus your peers and what the gap looks like. From there it is a process of reparations first; we will fix any of the weaknesses within your web presence both on your website and away from it before moving onto the improvement stage. At this point we can look to add value wherever it is needed and build your brand across wider areas where your audience may be looking for your expertise.


We start every campaign with full competitive analysis and deliver a baseline benchmark report that determines what we need to do to compete.


Then we look to resolve the issues that are causing you the issues that holdl you back. The gaps can be both on page and off page.


Through our continuous feedback loops we drive ongoing growth in authority and ranking by delivering better content and gaining more links.


Once the improvements are taking shape we can't rest on our laurels. The new baseline has been set and we must begin the cycle again.

Why Use SearchButlers SEO?

Whilst SearchButlers has only been in operation since 2019, the agency is built from the minds who ran the SEO department for the largest digital agency in the world to focus on small businesses. There, we were responsible for the successes of over 2000 campaigns over a 5 year period. Trust us when we say that we have succeeded in your industry before. Put simply, we understand what SEO really means and have lived through every change and worked out how to overcome every hurdle.

We spend a 40% of our time continually testing strategies on dummy sites so that we can stay ahead of the ever moving goalposts without having to risk our clients successes with trial and error tactics. Getting your site ranked, and ensuring it stays ranked is our goal. 

If ever you decide you would like to come out to the area to meet us for a coffee and a campaign strategy session, the town is full of fantastic bars, shops and restaurants. Being a historic town, it has lots to offer for tourism and you can find out more about the options by clicking here. Our campaigns are always customized to fit your needs and comfort level, we focus on accountability of performance and our model delivers success time after time. 


Our Campaigns are always crafted to fit the needs of you and your business. Considerations include your industry, location and competition, along with your desire for growth, budget, risk tolerance and desire to participate.


We take performance and tracking very seriously. You will never be left wondering "what are they doing?" or "is it working?". The only thing better than our abilities is our communication. Measurable and accountable campaigns.


Having crafted SEO campaigns for over 2000 businesses on 3 continents, we understand SEO and we understand SME's. We leverage that experience to drive your campaign to success. We have a 94% retention rate for a reason.

Our Guildford SEO Clients

Kim Smith
Kim Smith
Read More
We are a family lawyer based in Worplesdon, just down the road from Surrey. Sean and his team have done wonders for our natural ranking in just under 6 months. We were only ranking in our very local community before SearchButlers took over, now we are prominent across Guildford and beyond. Couldn't be happier!
Paul Cooper
Paul Cooper
Read More
Love these guys. They have changed my entire trajectory within a year. I was struggling for business but now have too much to handle. Best SEO team ever!
Richard Lavell
Richard Lavell
Read More
Can't recommend these guys highly enough. The whole experience has been just superb. They understand so much about your business that you never feel worried like they will do something that is out of sync with your customers. 5 Stars


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We offer professional SEO services that are customised to your needs! From outreach, to content, site speed to on page optimisation. We can provide SEO services from individual components all the way to full service SEO.

Website Optimization


SEO is the single most important component of a fully formed, patient journey driven digital marketing strategy.

Places Optimizations

Local SEO

Maximize your presence on search engine results pages on a local scale. Citations, NAP, Reputation and Relevance

Link Building


Still the biggest single differentiating ranking factor that takes you to the top spots of Google. Skyrocket your rankings!

Keyword Analysis

Strategic AUDIT

Are you frustrated with your lackluster performance despite months or years of effort? Get an in depth strategic report to identify how to finally close the gap!

On Page SEO


The foundation of any successful SEO campaign, your websites structure, speed, and level of optimisation will make or break your opportunity. Find out more

SEO Copywriting

Content Writing Services

Content is King! Whether on page or elsewhere. How engaging your message will determine the attention your receive. Get Engaging, Conversion-Driven Content!


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