MegaSystems Security: Local SEO Case Study

The Challenge

The guys at MegaSystems Security had had a lot of experience with SEO agencies in the past. They had been let down by every single one but after speaking with us following a referral from another local client, they were willing to give us 6 months to recover the lost ground and damaged rankings that had occurred in the previous year. 

Having only got as high as bottom of page 2 for all of their various commercial and residential security keywords they hd never tasted the glory of good SEO and despite our confidence in our abilities, they were now steadily on page 3 or 4 and had been for 9 months. Our objective was to hit page 1 top 5 within 6-8 months.

The Solution

Their On-Page SEO was in a real mess. The previous agencies had built hundreds of pages that had uninspiring yet unique content that were all trying to rank for tiny variations in the same keyword theme.  Their backlink profile had pockets of goodness but was overwhelmed by spammy old school tactics.   

Following the extensive audit, we decided that the on page efforts were going to be more about trimming the fat, reorganizing valuable content into pillars and widespread removal of content that was cannibalizing itself and confusing search engines at the same time. Internal linking was the key on page factor that allowed us to redirect the authority in the site to the right places. 

Off Page we first had to overcome a very unnatural anchor text distribution and rebalance the link velocity, improve authority and generate some stronger relevance within the profile. 

The Outcome

You can see in the images below that capture the organic traffic and indexed keywords from the start of the campaign right up to very recently. Whilst the growth has been steady and consistent throughout, it has really stepped into another gear in the last few months. 

The website now ranks in Position 1-3 for nearly every different security service that he offers across the Houston region. We don’t get so much time to talk anymore apparently because he is too busy handling the uptick in business than to spend time catching up with me! 

Guy and the team are very happy with the performance of the campaign and when you see the percentage improvements of up to 875% more traffic during the campaign, it’s not hard to understand why.

MegaSystems SEO Performance


875% Increase in Traffic and Counting

Keywords Indexed

387% Increase in Indexed Keywords

Page 1 Rankings

831% Increase in Page 1 Ranking

The Reaction

I don't have time to catch up now or anytime soon Sean, but I'm very, very pleased with your work. Whatever you're doing, keep doing it brother. We've never been so busy!

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