Internal vs External

Structuring your Internal Linking to Maximize Your Backlink Building Efforts

How to use Internal Linking to Maximise Your Backlink Building Efforts?

In this 2 part tutorial we examine the best ways that you can maximize the efforts that you put into your off-page backlink building through better use of internal linking. 

One of the most understated reasons for high bounce rates in service based businesses is because their home page ranks for the specific services that they offer. If a company offers multiple services then whilst it is great to rank well, you dont want to have to let a visitor navigate through your various offerings to find what they were looking for.

If your home page ranks well but your service pages don’t then this can result in high bounce rates and missed opportunity. 

In this first part of the tutorial we take a look at the methods in which your outreach and foundation backlinks need to be approached to ensure that there is sufficient relevance between your service pages and the keywords that your visitors use and that the necessary authority in those pages does exist. 

In the second part of the tutorial we will then examine mechanisms to ensure that your internal linking can maximize the link value distribution through your website into the places that it needs to be and not into the pages where it doesn’t.

This combined effort will result in a far higher likelihood of your correct service pages ranking for the correct keywords which will allow for less bounce, higher conversion and also other benefits such as your aggregated reviews to appear in the SERP which isn’t allowed for your home page.

Hopefully this video has offered some basic foundation link knowledge to you and that you ar enow clear on how and why you should be building your various backlink profiles to different parts of your site.

Be sure to check out part two of this tutorial where we examine how to ensure your efforts are not in vain by working out your internal linking structure.