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SEO is the single most important component of a fully formed, patient journey driven digital marketing strategy. When delivered in an effective compelling manner, healthcare SEO campaigns will drive online visibility and new patient leads that are of higher quality than via any other marketing approach. 

Success isn’t easy though and that’s why you need an agency that has worked with the biggest healthcare companies in America and succeeded. Speak to us today to hear about out Healthcare SEO effectiveness.

Most SEO Agencies will provide a templated service that is identical in structure regardless of industry. Even those that claim to be specialist healthcare SEO agency typically offer strategies that are “Healthcare SEO” in name only and their “specialist strategies” don’t stand up to scrutiny!

Healthcare is competitive, the patient journey is varied, unique and complex and only fully customised healthcare SEO campaigns that understand and cater to the patient journey will see success. 

As a healthcare provider, demonstrating your value to prospective patients is key to winning their trust, yet it can be difficult to differentiate yourself from other local competitors on expertise and delivery. Why? Essentially, to the layman, the training and capabilities of physicians should all be fairly similar and your local competition are likely offering similar or identical services as yourself. 

There are ways to allow new patients to see that you’re the perfect healthcare practice for them to choose and it starts with a sophisticated, intelligent and optimised locally focussed healthcare SEO solution that delivers an experience shaped by the patient journey. 

SearchButlers Healthcare SEO is the path to demonstrating the most compelling call to action.

Why Our Healthcare SEO Services?

– The SearchButlers team have built successful Healthcare SEO campaigns for some of the biggest brand names in US Healthcare.

– We understand the unique content layout that is required in Healthcare that can derive the most relevance, trust and conversion which translates into stronger ranking.

– Our vast experience in healthcare SEO has created relationships that allow for genuine outreach to relevant high authority health blogs for generating strong backlink profiles.

– Our campaigns are driven by data analysis and campaign insights which is imperative in the pursuit of ranking success in competitive fields like healthcare.

Our Healthcare SEO Clients

SearchButlers Healthcare Clients

Why SEO for Healthcare is Essential?

The patient journey is complex, multi channeled and the decisions are based on a multitude of factors. 

Trust – It goes without saying that one of the most important traits that a healthcare team must demonstrate is that they are trustworthy in their knowledge, professionalism and capabilities. Ranking at the top of the organic spots of search engines inherently means that you have won the respect and trust of the worlds biggest tech giant in Google and are considered the most relevant option for a prospective patient in a search where trust is a ranking factor. 

The fact that the click through rates for organic ranking are up to 14 x higher than for those available in Pay Per Click spots above it demonstrates that 

Reputation – More serious healthcare needs are highly researched and the final decision on choice of provider will inevitably consider the reputation of the physician or practice as a whole. Local SEO and (through schema markup) organic SEO are the most appropriate methods to demonstrate your digital reputation to prospective clients at first glance on search engines. The absence of SEO will likely mean an under utilised approach to reputation that can significantly diminish your chance for conversion. 

Cost – Depending on where you are in the world, or what the patient needs are, treatment can be very expensive which adds more weight to the length of time spent in the “research” or “consideration” stage of the funnel. Patients will seek options across various sources and to not have a dedicated complete SEO strategy in place will mean a lack of visibility in crucial and appropriate places along the patient journey.

Access – How quickly and conveniently can a help be sought from a healthcare professional? This naturally results in searches online for things like, “urgent care near me” or “doctors surgery in {insert city} open now” These “need” based searcher intent signals are 6 x more likely to be satisfied by the local SEO “snack pack” section of the results page. 

Culture/Faith/Beliefs – Not every potential patient may view treatment through he same lens and that reality shouldn’t be ignored in your digital narrative. Their religious expectations or cultural take on topics such as alternative treatments like homeopathy, their personal perspective on vaccinations for their children etc will impact their decision making process. It may be prudent to consider your own perspective on such nuanced factors and clarify your approach in your content. 


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